Champion Bay College (formerly John Willcock College) Upgrades 2018

$8.8M estimated construction value (Perth based)

The two public high schools in Geraldton underwent upgrades to enable both schools to cater for year 7 to 12. For the Champion Bay College, upgrades included a new material technology block, cafeteria and staff room, performing arts and music block. Refurbishments were also undertaken on the science block, visual arts, dance, media, administration and student services blocks.

Each block was provided with mechanical services in-line the Department of Education’s guidelines and current practise. The materials technology block included dust extraction systems, compressed air systems, welding bay exhaust systems, reticulated welding gas systems, spray painting booths, flammable liquids storage cabinets, exhaust to wet areas and evaporative cooling to workshops.

The Cafeteria and Staff room included cool and freezer rooms, commercial kitchen exhaust systems, exhaust to wet areas and air conditioning to the cafeteria, offices and common rooms.

The Performing Arts and Music block included air conditioning to the performance spaces, greens rooms and music classrooms with mechanical exhaust to the wet areas.

The Science labs included the upgrade to air conditioning to the classrooms and retro-fitting of fume cupboards and general exhaust systems to the chemistry lab.

Cape Naturaliste College, 2018

$20.0M estimated construction value

Stage 2 of the Cape Naturaliste College includes a new design and technology block, a new arts, student services, health education and cafeteria block, a new science and information technology block and refurbishments to the existing arts block and the existing senior learning block.
Each block is provided with mechanical services in-line the Department of Education’s guidelines and current practise. The materials technology block will include dust extraction systems, welding gas systems, welding bay exhaust systems, spray booths, flammable liquids storage cabinets, exhaust to wet areas and evaporative cooling to workshops.

Refurbishments to the senior learning block will include a demonstration restaurant, commercial kitchen and cool room along with refurbishment to the staff common room. An existing first floor science classroom will be converted into a STEM Lab.

The new arts, student services, health education and cafeteria block will include air conditioning to the dance and drama spaces, greens rooms and associated foyer. All classrooms will be reverse cycle air conditioned. Wet areas are to be mechanically ventilated.

The new science labs will include evaporative cooling to classrooms with three single sided fume cupboards provide to the chemistry classrooms and a single sided fume cupboard provided to the science prep room. The information technology classrooms are reverse cycle air conditioned.

Main Roads WA, Materials Engineering Branch upgrades, 2018

$3.0M estimated construction value

The Main Roads WA Materials Engineering Branch in the Perth eastern suburb of Welshpool is responsible for the monitoring and testing of soil, rock, concrete, paint and asphalt samples from main roads construction projects in the state. The 2018 upgrades included the alterations and additions to existing concrete and soils testing laboratories and the alterations to asphalt and paint laboratories.

Customised fume handling equipment was specified to cope with the industrial solvents used as well as dust and heat control ventilation systems to specialised laboratory test equipment. All normally occupied areas such as laboratories and offices were air conditioned. A comprehensive site survey was undertaken during the design phase to enable the accurate documentation of the demolition and new works scope.

Wembley Golf Course Hospitality Redevelopment, 2016

Construction Value $4.0M

This Town of Cambridge project was completed in late 2016 and involved the replacement of the hospitality facility on the Wembley Golf Course site. The new double storey facility includes three large function spaces, restaurant, bar, large commercial kitchen, bridal room, cool rooms, commercial tenancies, toilets and store rooms. Total floor area is approximately 1,000m2 with a construction budget of $4.0M.

To reduce the initial capital cost and the ongoing running cost, in-direct evaporative coolers were used to supply outside air to the ducted air conditioning units that serve the function spaces. The required size of the function room air conditioning units was reduced due to the reduction in load of the outside air coming from the in-direct evaporative coolers, while a modulating outside air volume based on the carbon dioxide level in the spaces provides a reduction in the on-going running costs.

Pingelly Recreation and Cultural Centre

Construction Value $6.0M

The Pingelly recreation and cultural centre consists of several distinct buildings. The function centre is an approximate 1,000m2 single storey building with a sports / bowls bar, function area, lounge, cultural hall, memorabilia hall, commercial kitchen, administration offices, toilets and support areas. The sports building is approximately 1,500m2 and contains an indoor sports hall, home and away change rooms, toilets, club rooms, gymnasium, first aid and support areas.

With the exception of the sports hall, all normally occupied areas are reverse cycle air conditioned with the sports hall naturally ventilated and provided with High Volume Low Speed (HVLS) circulation fans. Fans are mounted at high level to provide the required clearance for sports such as basketball and badminton.

The facility is unique in that it is all timber construction which required a much higher level of coordination and detail between mechanical, structural and architectural elements.

Department of Parks and Wildlife, Woodlands Laboratory, 2016

$330,000.00 estimated construction value

Although relatively small, the new botany laboratory at the Department of Parks and Wildlife Woodvale facility involved a high concentration of services and included fume cupboards, articulated bench mounted exhaust arms and a down draft sink. The laboratory space was fully air conditioned.

New standalone and dedicated laboratory compressed air and vacuum systems were also provided with air compressors and vacuum pumps mounted in external plantrooms, with pipework run to outlets in the fume cupboard and to bench mounted outlets.

Due to the risk of the exhaust plume entering the building via openable doors or windows, a steel support tower was provided which enabled exhaust fans to be mounted at high level above the existing roof line and for exhaust discharges to be to atmosphere well above the roof line and away from potential intakes.

Cecil Andrews SHS STEM Project, 2016

$2.8M estimated construction value

The Cecil Andrews Senior High School Science Technology Engineering and Maths (STEM) project is a relatively new academic focus for the Department of Education in schools and it is strongly focused on cross curriculum integration of science, technology, engineering and maths. The new facility consists of a new single storey centre complete with lecture theatre, engineering studio, science laboratory, planning area, staff studies and associated support areas such as science prep room, equipment and model stores.

New floor area is approximately 670m2 with most of the occupied areas being air conditioned or evaporatively cooled and many of the spaces provided with specialist exhaust systems such as articulated exhaust arms (bench and wall mounted) fume cupboard and exhaust, flammable liquids storage cabinet and associated exhaust, science prep room exhaust and other similar systems.

Doubleview Primary School, 2016

$10.4M estimated construction value

The recently completed Doubleview Primary School project involved the construction of a new Department of Education standard pattern primary school in the Perth northern suburb of Doubleview. The site includes three “standard pattern” teaching blocks, library, undercover assembly block, administration block and a double storey classroom block.

The double storey classroom block and administration block are reverse cycle air conditioned, whereas the standard single storey classrooms are provided with evaporative coolers and floor mounted console heaters.

Roebourne Children’s and Family Centre

This $4.2M facility was completed in December 2013 in the heart of Roebourne and includes a 375m2 child care centre and 200m2 family centre. All normally occupied areas were air conditioned using multiple split wall hung and ceiling cassette type units. A ducted outside air processing unit was provided in each building to deliver the code requirement for outside ventilation air and to pressurise the rooms to assist in reducing the occurrence of condensation and mould.

As the facility is located in a cyclonic region, all externally mounted mechanical equipment was secured to concrete plinths using cyclone tie down straps and motorised cyclonic dampers were provided behind outside air and exhaust louvres. External condenser coils were treated with a marine grade corrosion protection to extend unit life.