Cape Naturaliste College, 2018

$20.0M estimated construction value

Stage 2 of the Cape Naturaliste College includes a new design and technology block, a new arts, student services, health education and cafeteria block, a new science and information technology block and refurbishments to the existing arts block and the existing senior learning block.
Each block is provided with mechanical services in-line the Department of Education’s guidelines and current practise. The materials technology block will include dust extraction systems, welding gas systems, welding bay exhaust systems, spray booths, flammable liquids storage cabinets, exhaust to wet areas and evaporative cooling to workshops.

Refurbishments to the senior learning block will include a demonstration restaurant, commercial kitchen and cool room along with refurbishment to the staff common room. An existing first floor science classroom will be converted into a STEM Lab.

The new arts, student services, health education and cafeteria block will include air conditioning to the dance and drama spaces, greens rooms and associated foyer. All classrooms will be reverse cycle air conditioned. Wet areas are to be mechanically ventilated.

The new science labs will include evaporative cooling to classrooms with three single sided fume cupboards provide to the chemistry classrooms and a single sided fume cupboard provided to the science prep room. The information technology classrooms are reverse cycle air conditioned.