Mechanical Services

DB Mechanical Consulting is able to offer the full range of mechanical consulting services, including:

  • Master planning
  • Feasibility and life cycle cost analysis
  • Design, documentation and contract administration
  • Condition assessments

The company is equipped with all necessary hardware and software required by a modern consulting engineering office, including heat load modelling software, AutoCAD drafting package and the suite of Microsoft Office products.

Our technical and reference library contains the current editions of the Building Code of Australia / NCC, almost one hundred referenced and supplementary Australian Standards, guidelines and handbooks and a stock of technical catalogues and literature from leading equipment suppliers.
Being responsible for the timely delivery of all projects and the company director, Daniel is in a position to accurately assess at an early stage if projects require additional resources. Daniel has a sound record in adherence to project deadlines and contract engineering and drafting staff can be engaged as and when required to meet project deadlines.

Point of Difference
DB Mechanical Consulting aims to create a point of difference that goes beyond competitive pricing.
We are committed to:

  • The timely delivery of high quality, fully coordinated documents that enables competitive and accurate pricing by industry.
  • “Active” consultation with stakeholders to produce designs that reflect the client’s need for each specific project.
  • The inclusion of low cost, high benefit environmentally sustainable design principles into every project.

We will work with the client, stakeholders and other members of the project design team to:

  • Understand and document the project objectives and desired outcomes.
  • Understand any project specific imperatives beyond time and budget.